Welcome to the Growth Mindset Transformation Initiative!

The Growth Mindset Student Ambassador program is an entirely new program built for students, by students. PTI is dedicated to improving overall student success, encouraging timely enrollment in basic skills courses, and helping students reach their transfer and degree goals. Participants will learn the concepts of Growth Mindset while integrating themselves into the Fullerton College community. They would have access to a committed student ambassador who will serve as a personal point of contact and provide the resources to better their college experience and excel at their own pace.

Student Success Workshops

Created by Students for Students!

Spring 2018

Series 1 

Tuesday  Feb. 13: 3:00 – 4:00 in Room 229

Wednesday Feb. 14:  3:00 – 4:00 in Room 229

Series 2

Tuesday March 13:  3:00 – 4:00 in Room 229

Wednesday March 14:  3:00 – 4:00 in Room 224

Series 3

Tuesday April 17:  3:00 – 4:00 in Room 229

Wednesday April 18:  3:00 – 4:00 in Room 224



Wednesday May 9:   3:00 – 4:00 in Room 229 *NOTE The location for this event has changed from that which was previously advertised*


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Student Ambassadors

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Aldwin Galang

Aldwin is in his second year at Fullerton College. He is working toward his degree in nursing and hopes to obtain his Doctorate degree and become a Nurse Practitioner one day. During his time at Fullerton College, he has been involved as a Senator of Associated Students and a student representative for different committees like Student Success and Support and KinderCaminata. For the past two semesters, he has served on the executive board of Alpha Gamma Sigma as the Historian and the Treasurer for EOPS Honors Alliance. His involvement on the campus gave him an opportunity to develop his leadership and make his college experience exciting and meaningful.  He hopes to inspire new students and motivate current students to take advantage of the many opportunities that the Fullerton College offers. He can’t wait to help his fellow Hornets to achieve their personal and career goals through this program.

Alan Brantley

Lead Ambassador

Alan is in entering into his final year at Fullerton College pursuing Associates degrees in mathematics and computer science. Alan is passionate about learning, teaching, and helping others reach their full potential. He believes that the Growth Mindset has been instrumental in his success here at Fullerton College, and is dedicated to increasing awareness of this all-important idea that we can grow our intelligence. During his time at Fullerton College, Alan has worked as a tutor in FC’s Writing Center and Math Lab, and is currently an SI leader in Fullerton College’s Supplemental Instruction program. He hopes to transfer to a top California university in the Spring of 2018.

Melissa Castaneda

Melissa Castaneda is Horticulture – Plant Sciences major currently preparing to transfer into the UC system to study sustainable agriculture. Castaneda is actively involved in campus life as the Vice President of Activities in Associated Students, and  is the former chair of the Committee on the Environment. She dreams of developing a non-profit horticulture education center for military veterans and their families.

Beryl He

Beryl is a second-year student studying as an English major at Fullerton College. She was inspired to become a lawyer in 7th grade and she is still working toward the goal today. Beryl has completed her application to transfer to the UC system to broaden and enhance her knowledge. Although she had encountered countless difficulties in life, she never ceases to challenge herself and hold herself to a higher standard. Despite the barriers, she is enrolled in the honors program and has excelled in all her classes. Since she is entering her last semester at Fullerton College, she desires to contribute to the campus through her involvement in the Growth Mindset Program. She is motivated to aid her fellow students to have a smoother and better experience in college.

Britton Lee

I am entering my final semester at Fullerton College as a Communication Studies major and will graduate in the Spring with an Associate in Communications. I am currently the President of the Speech and Debate team at Fullerton, as well as the team captain of Individual Events. I have been in contact with Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia and legislative Director, Erin Ryberg, to discuss their efforts in women’s right, as well as, their efforts in anti-sexual assault legislation. Having a growth mindset is what has lead me to be successful in my academic and personal life, and I am looking forward to giving others at Fullerton College the opportunity to learn more about having a growth mindset.

Yves Brian Gatpandan

Brian is in going on to his third year at Fullerton College. As an English major, he aspires to become a professor and eventually work towards being a full-time screenwriter. In the past two years, he has been involved with multiple activities at Fullerton College, such as once becoming the Speech and Debate Team President. He has also been a part of Associated Students as a Student Senator, being involved in multiple committees such as Student Success Advisory and Transfer Advisory along with helping with student based activities on campus. He is also one of the school’s Honor’s Ambassadors and will become the incoming Inter Club Council Vice President. With his experience working in different services on campus, he is ready to lead and motivate his fellow students towards success in achieving their goals by bringing the best of his abilities and his positive mindset.

Makayla Warren

Makayla is undergoing her second year at Fullerton College and is majoring in Health Science to become a Physician’s Assistant. She hopes to combine her passion of going on mission trips with a medical degree to provide medical care for people overseas and in different cultures. Makayla loves being a part of the Fullerton College community and is excited to help other students discover and achieve their career goals.