BSI in California Community Colleges

The Basic Skills Initiative (Basic Skills as a Foundation for Student Success in California Community Colleges, AKA the “Poppy Copy”) is a state-wide initiative, devoted to helping under prepared students attain the basic skills necessary to succeed in college.

According to thePoppy Copy”:

“Basic skills are those foundation skills in reading, writing, mathematics, and English as a Second Language, as well as learning skills and study skills which are necessary for students to succeed in college-level work.”

The Basic Skills Initiative aims to create innovative programs which incorporate the following categories of action

  • Program, Curriculum Planning and Development
  • Student Assessment
  • Advisement and Counseling Services
  • Supplemental Instruction and Tutoring
  • Course Articulation
  • Instructional Materials and Equipment
  • Other purposes directly related to the enhancement of basic skills, ESL instruction , and related student services programs

BSI at Fullerton College

At Fullerton College, the Basic Skills Initiative is organized through the Basic Skills Committee (BSC), which is comprised of a cross-section of various campus faculty, administrators and staff. The BSC meets monthly, and has worked to developed projects designed to help foster and ensure student success.

Basic Skills Committee (BSC) Goals

  • Improve student retention success and persistence rates in basic skills courses
  • Increase participation of basic skills students in matriculation activities
  • Increase student awareness and participation of basic skills curriculum and related student support services.
  • Increase all faculty knowledge of basic skills pedagogy in order to more effectively teach developmental, ESL, and transfer level courses.
  • Increase availability of resources, materials, and technology designed to support basic skills instruction and support services


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