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The Basic Skills Initiative (BSI) was a grant funded initiative from the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO) which began in 2006 as part of the strategic planning process. The goal of the BSI was to improving student access and success. The Strategic Plan guides California Community Colleges as they serve over 2.9 million students annually at 110 colleges.

Effective Practices Database

The Basic Skills Initiative (BSI) created the database of professional development and student programs as a part of the English as a Second Language/Basic Skills Professional Development grant funded by the California Chancellor’s Office.  This database contains programs, strategies and practices that colleges submitted using two criteria: demonstrated student success and sufficient quantitative and/or qualitative data to substantiate their effectiveness.

3CSN – California Community Colleges Success Network

3CSN develops leaders in California community colleges who have the capacity to facilitate networks of faculty, staff, and students for curricular and institutional redesigns in support of increased student access, success, equity, and completion.

Acceleration Initiative

Addressing Attrition in Developmental Sequences

Accelerated developmental education involves curricular restructuring that reduces sequence length and eliminates exit points. Ideally, it also includes a reconsideration of curricular content: Is what we are teaching in developmental courses what students truly need to succeed in college English or Math?

Exponential Attrition and the Promise of Acceleration in Developmental English and Math

This session will demonstrate that attrition is structurally guaranteed in multi-semester developmental sequences, and it will highlight accelerated curricular models that address this problem at select colleges across the country. There will be particular emphasis on Chabot and Los Medanos colleges, which offer open-access courses that enable successful students to move into college English/Statistics after just one semester.

Basic Skills Handbook