Basic Skills Conferences

We seek colleagues who will actively engage in and extend the work of Basic Skills when they attend a Basic Skills conference. To facilitate this, we are interested in sending multi-disciplinary teams of participants.

Individual Selection Criteria

  • Experience or interest in teaching and working with basic skills students and/or faculty, whether in basic skills courses, content-area instruction, or related programs
  • Interest in creating a professional community to extend the success of basic skills programs on the Fullerton College campus
  • Adherence to the timeline provided
  • A complete application

Requirements of Conference Attendees

If you are selected to attend one of our Basic Skills conferences, the following requirements must be satisfied:

  • Prior to the conference, attendees will meet with their conference team members in order to strategize their participation
  • Upon completion of the conference, attendees will meet with Basic Skills representatives to plan the appropriate forums for disseminating what they learned
  • Conference attendees will share their information in person through our Teaching and Learning Certificate Program (TLC) as well as in a written format to be published on our Basic Skills website (guidelines will be provided)