Educators for Equity Program

Adjunct instructors are invited to apply for the Basic Skills Educators for Equity Program to increase student success. This professional development opportunity for instructors is focused on equity-minded practices in higher education. Faculty attend a one-day training session during which they will learn about how to implement high-impact, equity-minded practices in their classroom. The program consists of three areas of focus: Course Design, Classroom Practices, and Institutional Engagement. Educators for Equity is grounded in a text-based training curriculum, which includes:

  • Diversity & Motivation by Ginsberg & Wlodkowski
  • Fullerton College Campus Student Equity Plan
  • Teaching Men of Color in the Community College: A Guidebook by Wood, Harris, and White
  • Student Support (Re)defined by the RP Group: “10 Ways Faculty Can Support Students’ Success” and “10 Ways Everyone Can Support Student Success”

For more information and deadlines to apply, please contact the Basic Skills Office at (714) 992-7171.