What is the Pathway Transformation Initiative?

National and system-wide research has shown that many students are assigned to basic skills when, in fact, they could have succeeded by enrolling directly in college-level math and English courses. In addition, through the CCC System’s Basic Skills Initiative, colleges have piloted and identified a number of instructions and support-service strategies that boost success for basic skills students.

In response to this issue as well as encouraging efforts and findings about “what works,” the Basic Skills and Student Outcomes Transformation Program [Pathway transformation Initiative] was created. Through this program, Fullerton College was awarded funds to improve the progression rate of students needing basic skills instruction into college-level instruction by implementing or expanding innovations and redesign in the areas of assessment, student services, and instruction. Statewide, colleges are working toward the following outcomes within a five-year period:


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1. Progressively increasing shares of students enrolled at the college who:
a. Successfully complete a college-level English or mathematics course, or both, within a sequence of three or fewer courses after enrollment in a community college.
b. Earn an industry-relevant college certificate or degree within two years.
2. A significantly greater share of entering students achieving the goal listed in
(a) above within a shorter time period than before the implementation of the plan.